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The Tories’ crisis demands more than making speeches – we need serious resistance

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Issue 2499
Alan Duncan thinks the poor are feckless
Alan Duncan thinks the poor are feckless

The Tories are on the rocks. How can we smash them? Even more is at stake than David Cameron’s profits from offshore funds, his avoidance of £70,000 inheritance tax or his mysterious share dealings.

A large part of the fury against Cameron is because we have glimpsed a world where hundreds of thousands of pounds are shipped around to avoid tax and to fund luxury lifestyles

Yet those who benefit from the scams also lecture the rest of us about the need for wage curbs, benefit cuts, ripping up the welfare state and squeezing the NHS.

With their backs to the wall, the Tories briefly put aside their differences over the European Union referendum to defend extreme wealth and privilege.

Sir Alan Duncan MP spoke in the Commons on Monday of how Cameron’s critics are “low achievers who hate enterprise”.

Duncan is paid £8,000 a month as a non-executive chairman of a Dubai oil company, for which he works three hours a week.

Preposterously the Daily Telegraph newspaper claimed that release of tax returns showed Cameron and George Osborne “each paid nearly four times more than the Labour leader towards the upkeep of the nation”. That’s because they have grossly more money!


It was refreshing to see Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn denounce the fact “that there is now one rule for the super-rich, and another for the rest”.

It was even better that Labour MP Dennis Skinner dubbed Cameron “dodgy Dave”—for which he was kicked out of the Commons.

But Labour needs to do more than make speeches.

Why has there been no call for demonstrations over steel jobs? Why is there no call to mobilise in support of the junior doctors’ picket lines? Why couldn’t Labour energetically campaign for this Saturday’s People’s Assembly demonstration?

And why isn’t there a call for Labour-led councils to create a political crisis by refusing to implement Tory cuts until the rich start paying their taxes?

Corbyn will not defeat the Tories by stealth. We need action, and that can begin by all of us supporting the junior doctors’ strike on 26 and 27 April. It means visiting picket lines, joining demonstrations, and pressing our union leaders to break the doctors’ isolation by calling their own action.

Building on those struggles means we can also push for a world where the richest 1 percent do not dominate everything.

A world where £17 trillion is not squirrelled away in tax havens and where 147 giant corporations do not control a vast swathe of the world economy.

A socialist world means production for people’s needs, not for profit. It requires a struggle against the rich—and against their system.

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