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The Tories ramp up racism

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Issue 2759
Priti Patel is heading up the Tories racist attacks
Priti Patel is heading up the Tories racist attacks (Pic: Number 10/Flickr)

The Tories are ­intensifying their racist attacks.

They want to hide their Covid-19 failures and corruption. So they turn to ­scapegoating.

Tory hatred towards ­refugees will see the English Channel become a battleground over racist ideas in the summer.

Home secretary Priti Patel plans to make Britain’s already harsh asylum system even harsher. She claims this is to prevent people smugglers from exploiting vulnerable people.

But far from helping ­refugees, the plan will make an already desperate situation worse.

For the first time people entering Britain will see their asylum claim affected by how they entered. Yet less than one percent of the world’s ­refugees are chosen for official ­resettlement schemes.

Tories unveil new crackdown on migrants and refugees
Tories unveil new crackdown on migrants and refugees
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So there is often no other option for refugees but to make dangerous journeys without any of the documentation that governments demand.

Tightening border ­controls doesn’t stop people from attempting to enter Britain. Refugees are just pushed to try more hazardous methods.

And arguments over ­England footballers’ taking the knee have been whipped up further by Patel. She said on the new right wing channel GB News on Monday that she doesn’t support “that type of gesture politics”.

It was a calculated move by Patel to choose that particular audience to spew her bile to.

Meanwhile Boris Johnson has changed his mind from refusing to condemn the booing. Now he says he wants to see fans “cheering and not booing” the England team.

This isn’t because Johnson has suddenly become an anti-racist. He wants a nationalistic wave of pride.


He does the jolly England fan down the pub image. But Patel is there to reassure the racists that the Tories haven’t gone soft.

The Tories’ ramped up racism is also influencing the far right. Tommy Robinson is trying to relaunch his busted and hateful politics.

He is reportedly planning to intervene in the Batley and Spen by-election.

This is the former seat of Jo Cox, murdered in 2016 by Thomas Mair. He shouted “Britain First” during the fatal attack.

Robinson is set to hold a day of action for far right anti-Muslim candidate Anne Marie Waters of the For Britain party.

These are dangerous times. But the racists can be resisted. The Black Lives Matter movement and the widespread revulsion at the Tory assaults gives hope.

A refugee camp in Wales has been shut down, plans to build more detention centres have been scrapped and the Tories are on the back foot over Kent’s Napier Barracks.

Anti-racists can win, and a united fight against racism is crucial in the coming battles. The Stand Up To Racism movement has never been more relevant

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