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Their media is never impartial. Neither are we.

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Issue 2421
Thousands protested against BBC bias in Glasgow last week
Thousands protested against BBC bias in Glasgow last week (Pic: Socialist Worker)

Nick Robinson, the BBC’s political editor, is upset. He doesn’t like the fact that people have rightly picked him up for being biased against the Scottish Yes campaign.

Mainstream journalists such as Robinson like to pat themselves on the back for their “balance” and “impartiality”. 

But the media is not impartial. It is dominated by people who are part of the establishment and it reflects their views. 

We see it all the time from coverage of Israel’s attack on Gaza, reports of strikes or the deferential sucking up to the royals.

It influences what is seen as worth reporting and what is not. It shapes which opinions are seen as valid and which are deemed “extreme”.

This bias doesn’t just exist in the BBC—it exists in all media.

Unlike the mainstream media, Socialist Worker is proud of its bias.  

We don’t pretend that “balance” is something to aspire to. Instead we stand squarely on the side of working class people against the bosses and the Tories.

Being biased doesn’t mean being inaccurate. But it does mean we won’t seek out a boss or a Tory to give their “side” of the argument. 

We won’t give any space to those who want to justify sacking workers, cutting benefits or selling off services.

The mainstream media devotes its time to sowing division among ordinary people. Socialist Worker aims to be a tool for empowering and organising them.

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