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There are no Tories on our side

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Issue 2701
Matt Hancock isnt interested in protecting peoples lives
Matt Hancock isn’t interested in protecting people’s lives (Pic: Number 10/Flickr)

Tory disagreements over ending the lockdown reflect splits in the ruling class about how to return to “business as usual”.

The mainstream press says Boris Johnson and health secretary Matt Hancock are “doves” who want to “save lives and protect the NHS” with a longer lockdown.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Michael Gove are “hawks” who want to get profits flowing again.

Johnson and Hancock couldn’t care less about ordinary people’s lives or the NHS. They were willing to sacrifice 250,000 lives in their plan for “herd immunity”.

Their lies—over PPE, mass testing and health and social care services—mean more than 16,000 have now died.

The Tories dragged their feet over a lockdown. They hoped to gain financial advantage as Britain stayed open for business and competitors shut.

Sections of the ruling class now fear that ending the lockdown would risk political revenge from millions of people as it unleashes a “second wave” of infections.

But British capitalism’s rivals are reopening their economies—and Sunak fears that Britain’s bosses will fall behind.

That’s a price no Tory minister or boss wants to pay.

The Tories will be united when they decide the best way to save their system.

Workers will have to fight to put lives before profit—and for no return to toxic “normal” after the crisis.

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