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There is a world to win

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Issue 2372

Every march, protest or picket shows dissatisfaction with the world as it is and a desire for change. The rich and powerful don’t like change. 

They want to protect the lifestyle they have become accustomed to—a life free from worry about bills, about housing, or about their childrens’ future.

This is a life that everyone is entitled to. There is more than enough wealth and resources in the world to be able to deliver it.

For revolutionary socialists the potential to transform society is in every struggle, however small.

Socialism is the most logical solution to a world brought to the brink of disaster by the chaos of the market. 

It isn’t an irrational dream.

History shows us that when ordinary people have fought to change society in mass social revolts and revolutions, the decisive factor has been organisation. The rich have their clubs and cartels so they can work together to better exploit and oppress the majority of us.  

If workers are to win we need to be just as organised. We need to bring together the militants in every workplace in a party that can stand up for the interests of the vast majority.  

We need a party which, unlike the Labour Party, is unbending in its challenge to bigotry and prejudice. That’s what the Socialist Workers Party is for. Join us today.


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