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Theresa May’s first war as bombs drop on Libya

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Issue 2515
Benina airbase in Libya which is controlled by rebel groups
Benina airbase in Libya which is being used by Western forces and allies to launch airstrikes (Pic: Wikipedia/Creative Commons)

Politicians have learned nothing from the Chilcot report.

Less than a month after becoming prime minister, Theresa May is embroiled in her first war.

The Pentagon announced on Monday night that US president Barack Obama had given the green light for bombing Isis targets in Sirte, Libya.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) confirmed that British forces have joined in.

It claimed that British planes are performing reconnaissance missions only.

But there is evidence that British forces are bombing targets in Benghazi alongside the US, according to air traffic control tapes.

And while the US target in Sirte is Isis, the picture in Benghazi is less clear.

It appears that Western forces, including Britain, are bombing targets for militia general Khalifa Haftar. He claims to be trying to take control of the east of Libya back from “extremists”.

These seem to include forces that are allied to the UN-backed Government of National Accord in the west of Libya, which requested the Western intervention.

British special forces have been fighting, and training troops, in Libya since March.

Western intervention has created the conditions for the civil war that is tearing Libya apart.

Further imperialist intervention by the West will ony add to the chaos. Socialists must oppose it.

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