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Time to Break up Britain

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Issue 2548
There were mass rallies during the Scottish independence referendum in 2014
There were mass rallies during the Scottish independence referendum in 2014 (Pic: Duncan Brown)

Some sections of the press seemed astonished at the latest predictions of Scottish Labour’s collapse in next month’s local council elections.

They insinuated that Jeremy Corbyn is to blame, rather than the Blairites who bombed and privatised their way through the 2000s.

But after the Scottish National Party (SNP)’s recent gains at Labour’s expense, seeing it prise the last few councils out of Labour’s once-dominant grip will not be a shock. Yet it will be historic.

Labour disastrously lined up with the Tories in the 2014 independence referendum. Since then working class people have obliterated it in the polls.

Many supported Scottish independence as a rejection of austerity, racism and war—and Labour’s unionist stance was just the final straw.

The SNP has reaped the rewards by talking left, but it can’t be relied on to launch a second referendum, let alone win it.

The SNP government last week started the process for a vote after a majority of the Scottish parliament backed it.

A majority of Scots think that the Scottish parliament, not the British one, should decide.

Those who were inspired by the left wing arguments of the Yes movement in 2014 need to mobilise that energy again.

A mass movement is needed to take the debate out of the hands of the politicians.

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