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Time to get rid of this sick capitalist system

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Issue 2539
We’ve had a taste of our power
We’ve had a taste of our power (Pic: Duncan Brown)

Donald Trump is not just “business as usual”. He represents something more overtly and aggressively racist, sexist and undemocratic than most politicians.

When Trump faces opposition his instinct is to lash out and to act as a swaggering bully.

All ruling classes get their way by a combination of force and fraud. They try to persuade you that there is no alternative. They control much of the media to bombard us with their ideas.

If you’re still not convinced then they have the police, prisons and armies to do the job.

Trump seeks to rule much more by force than fraud.

He stands on the bloodied foundations of the 25 year-long “war on terror”. He builds on the fact that during Barack Obama’s eight years in office there was not a single day when US military forces were not at war with somebody.

Trump’s racism is founded on the legacy of slavery in the US— and the continuing inequality and the reality of police killings of black people.

His repellent sexism reflects a society where women are still discriminated against, frequently patronised or ridiculed and often face violence.

Trump’s disregard for the environment flows from predecessors who drew back from placing the slightest obstacle in the way of corporate power.

Trump, just like Theresa May, is the expression of a sick capitalist system which puts profits before people.

In the US over the past 30 years the incomes of the poorest 50 percent have been static. The incomes of the top one percent have risen by 300 percent.


It is a class society rotten with hypocrisy. Many of the leaders now expressing horror at Trump’s immigration policy have spent years hurling up their own walls.

Trump and May represent a world where just a few people own and control vast amounts of wealth and most of the rest have little or nothing.

It is a system where eight billionaires own as much combined wealth as the poorest half of the world’s population.

We need to target Trump and his collaborator May. A victory over the Muslim ban would be a huge boost to the fightback.

But we have a much bigger score to settle with the system.We need to fight to take the wealth from the super-rich and use it for the benefit of all.

We need to push for real democracy where the decisions about what is produced and how it is produced are taken democratically.

We need to fight every example of racism, sexism and homophobia —but also to tear out the roots of all oppression.

We need a socialist society.

It has been great to see the Labour Party elect a left wing leader. We are on Jeremy Corbyn’s side against the right, but Labour remains dominated by the right.

And as the EU crushing Greece’s Syriza government showed, electing left wingers is not enough to overcome the unelected bosses.

One hundred years after the Russian Revolution we need another revolution. Not the sort of society it became under Joseph Stalin—but one inspired by the early years of workers’ power and liberation for oppressed people.

In the struggles that have taken on Trump we can glimpse the potential of ordinary people to change the world.

Winning change takes organisation. The Socialist Workers Party wants to work with as broad a range of people as possible against Trump and May. But we’re also building a socialist force at the centre of all these movements.

If you want to change the world, join us.

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