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Tony Blair must pay the price

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Issue 2507
Mass murderer Tony Blair

Mass murderer Tony Blair (Pic: Walking Geek/Flickr)

Former Labour prime minister Tony Blair’s grip on reality has seemed weak for some time now.

He is preparing to defend himself after the Chilcot Inquiry’s report into Britain’s involvement in the 2003 Iraq war is published on 6 July.

The war, based on lies, killed a million people.

But some of Blair’s anonymous “friends” have said he will defend himself by suggesting the Middle East would be more unstable if the war had not happened.

It’s almost as if he hasn’t noticed the chaos in Iraq today.

The Iraqi army—backed by British and US warplanes—is fighting a war with Isis, which has controlled northern Iraq since 2014.

For two weeks they have been waging a bloody battle for the Iraqi city Faulljah, where an estimated 50,000 Iraqi civilians are trapped.

The idea that the invasion in 2003 made Iraq more stable is a sick joke.

Blair wants to pretend the bloodshed has nothing to do with him. But the chaos today is a direct result of the war he helped to start more than ten years ago.

When Chilcot is published Blair will be in the spotlight and his lies will be exposed—again.

The war criminal must pay the price. It’s disgusting that some anti-racists have been suspended from the Labour Party on spurious antisemitism charges, yet this mass murderer remains a member.

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