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Tories are friends of profit, not freedom

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Issue 2733
Boris Johnson has more to worry about from his own MPs than he does from Keir Starmer
Boris Johnson has more to worry about from his own MPs than he does from Keir Starmer (Pic: Number 10/Flickr)

Tory backbenchers are posing as the friends of liberty. They are the friends of profit over people’s lives.

As many as 70 Tory MPs threatened to revolt against Boris Johnson’s plan for a “three tier system” to replace the national lockdown in England.

Almost the entire country was set to be placed in the tougher tiers two and three.

Tories claim to be on the side of ordinary people who fear losing income and jobs during lockdowns. Yet they’re the ones who are overseeing a jobs massacre—while handing out millions of pounds worth of NHS contracts to their rich mates.

And the “rebel” Tories say nothing about real threats to freedom such as laws to give more powers to spooks and cops.

They just want to get profits flowing at all costs.

But there are good reasons to vote against Johnson’s plans.

Social support for people in lockdown is totally inadequate. Sick pay is far too low to allow many people to stay away from work. And the furlough scheme leaves workers facing 20 percent pay cuts, even on minimum wage.

Yet Labour leader Keir Starmer is scared to oppose the plans because he wants to be seen to act in the “national interest”. So he told Labour MPs to abstain in the vote on the three tier system.

Labour should have voted against it and put forward an alternative that gives people proper social support.

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