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Tories are organised—we need to be too

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Issue 2495

Thousands of people are furious at our rulers—from their treatment of refugees to the cuts that devastate lives while they bask in luxury.

The question is what we can do about it.

Tories sometimes act as if there is no opposition to their austerity. They revel, for example, in taking £30 a week from unemployed and disabled people.

There has been an outpouring of solidarity for refugees. Yet the immigration debate can seem like it’s only between racists who want to drown them and bosses who want to exploit them.

When supporters of Jeremy Corbyn speak out, the Labour right sneers that they are out of touch with reality. The corporate media pile on myths, scapegoating and ideology that justify the attacks.

It’s easy to lose sight of the other side’s weaknesses—and our side’s strengths.

The number of refugees taken in by countries such as Germany last year put Britain to shame. But this wasn’t out of the goodness of the politicians’ hearts.

It was because refugees broke through a wall. They brought a train taking them to detention camps to a halt. They marched down a motorway rather than be penned into a train station.

The European Union has spent seven years pushing austerity onto Greece. Yet workers’ resistance has meant some of the cuts they demanded from the beginning still haven’t been put through.


The French government is wobbling in the face of mass protests against its attempt to turn back the clock on workplace rights.

Here, the Tories are tearing themselves apart.

Their divisions over Europe run deep. They are an expression of long term frustrations over economic stagnation, the decline of British imperial power, and their waning popular support.

The Labour party establishment has been shaken by mass support for a left wing leader.

The Tories have been forced into humiliating climbdowns over such issues as legal aid cuts, and trade unions have won important victories in local strikes.

But union leaders have been reluctant to take more than token action at a national level. If workers fought back on a bigger scale we could win a lot more.

The ruling class is organised. We need to be too.

We need to link up our struggles into mass movements. We need to be able to take on the lies that divide us.

We need ideas that point to a better society. And we need to be strong enough to overcome those who hold the struggle back.

None of that is impossible, as victories of the past have proved. But it won’t be won in a day. Join the Socialist Workers Party today and be part of that struggle.

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