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Tories find cash for war

Issue 2746
Protesters marching against Trident in 2015 in London
Protesters marching against Trident in 2015 in London (Pic: Socialist Worker)

Just as the government says there’s no money for more than a 1 percent pay rise for NHS workers, it unveils a 40 percent increase in nuclear warheads. Its plan for war and waste, called the defence and foreign policy review, was unveiled on Tuesday.

The number of warheads will rise from 180 to 260, enough to obliterate hundreds of millions of people. Each warhead is estimated to have an explosive power of 100 kilotons—nearly seven times the power of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima at the end of the Second World War.

The review also demands more weapons to target Russia and China. It claims this is “in recognition of the evolving security environment” and the “developing range of technological and doctrinal threats”.


Incredibly the review believes that hurling more money into weapons of mass destruction will “strengthen the union”.

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament general secretary Kate Hudson was right to say, “This is no time to start a new nuclear arms race.

“As the world wrestles with the pandemic and climate chaos, it beggars belief that our government is opting to increase Britain’s nuclear arsenal.”

We don’t need more weapons, and we don’t need more attempts to line up with the US’s pressure on China and Russia.

We should be abolishing armaments, not adding to them.

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