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Tories in crisis—this is no time for business as usual

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Issue 2496
David Cameron is in trouble
David Cameron is in trouble (Pic: Number 10/Flickr)

The government is extremely weak. But it will survive unless it faces serious resistance—much more serious than it has done so far. Every day it stays means further rounds of assaults on working class people.

So the task is to transform the Tories’ splits into the fall of David Cameron and the end of austerity.

Here are three immediate chances to begin turning the tide.

On 6 April the junior doctors will begin a 48-hour strike. Every union and every campaign must be on the picket lines with them.

If the junior doctors win it will be a spur to further struggle and to defend the NHS.

The attack on disabled people was one appalling element of the budget. The war on state education and the forced transfer to academies was another.

This weekend the NUT teachers’ union meets at its conference. The NUT must set out a programme of protests, meetings, and strikes to annihilate this aspect of the budget statement too.

Strikes can win. In this issue of Socialist Worker we report on victories for Scottish lecturersand Grangemouth dock workers.


The lecturers won by following a solid strike with plans for indefinite escalation—backed with a political strategy exposing the Scottish National Party’s cuts.

The Grangemouth workers won because of unofficial solidarity from tanker drivers. What a contrast to the terrible defeat there in 2013 when union leaders did not inspire a fightback.

And everyone needs to build and join the People’s Assembly demonstration in London on Saturday 16 April.

There can be no let-up in the battle to defeat racism and to show solidarity with refugees and migrants. In the throes of their crisis, the Tories will try to divide and distract us with scapegoating.

The Sun newspaper’s front page on Monday wasn’t on the Tory splits. Instead it was on tired racist lies about the NHS groaning under the weight of immigration.

We need escalation of the struggle everywhere, against cuts, against racism and Islamophobia, against attacks on wages and conditions and public services.

This should be Jeremy Corbyn’s moment. He must call on the Tories to go, and back resistance that can mobilise everyone who hates this government.

The Labour Party must, for example, openly and unequivocally back and build support for the junior doctors’ strikes.

This should be the union leaders’ moment. But we cannot wait while they decide.

This is not business as usual, it is not politics as usual.

We must pressure the union leaders to seize the time and strain every muscle to build resistance ourselves.

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