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Tory cuts forever?

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Issue 2379

David Cameron has finally admitted that he isn’t making cuts to deal with the budget deficit. He is trying to create a “leaner, more efficient state”.

“We need to do more with less—permanently,” he said in a speech to the Lord Mayor’s banquet on Monday of this week. 

Previously Cameron couched his cuts in the language of solving short-term economic problems. Now he has revealed that they are doing “something more profound”.

Socialist Worker has consistently argued that austerity is driven by a desire to permanently damage the working class.

The Tories want to snatch back every gain that ordinary people have made—whether it’s the NHS, welfare benefits or improved safety at work.

They say they want people to fend for themselves and not be “dependent” on the state.

But that’s because they know that the people best able to do that are the rich. 

The Tories insist that the economic crisis is coming to an end. But even if the economy recovers, Cameron’s assault will permanently transform the lives of working class people—if we let it. 

Most ordinary people oppose the cuts. 

Many are prepared to fight back to defend their jobs, services, benefits and pensions.

We need the same level of ruthless determination to fight for our class as the Tories have to fight for theirs.


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