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Tory leaders are no friend of women

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Issue 2512
Margaret Thatcher was a fighter for her class
Margaret Thatcher was a fighter for her class (Pic: White House Photographic Office)

Theresa May has made the Tory party the most progressive party in Britain according to right wing newspapers. They celebrated the ushering in of a woman prime minister—by printing pictures of her kitten heels—and heralded May as a “new Thatcher”.

Margaret Thatcher was a ruthless fighter for her class who sought to strengthen the rich at the expense of workers.

May’s supporters hope she will do the same.

May hailed being called a “bloody difficult woman” and has worn a T-shirt reading, “This is what a feminist looks like”.

By this she means that people like her—a former banker from a privileged background—can get ahead despite being female.

She does not mean that working class women should have equality, let alone liberation. She has fought to keep them down.

May voted for the bedroom tax and benefit cuts, and has viciously targeted the most vulnerable.

She clamped down on soup kitchens in central London. And she was behind the racist billboard vans telling “illegal” immigrants to “go home”.

The Tories are not more progressive because they have a woman leader. And May will not bring benefits for ordinary women. We still have a nasty party intent on making us pay for a crisis caused by the rich.

Working class women, and men, can only successfully resist that through struggle.


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