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Turn solidarity for Palestine into action

Whatever the imperialists do will be too little and too late
Issue 2893
Young protesters marching for Palestine

On the 250,000-strong London demonstration for Palestine (Picture: Alamy)

The movement for Palestine can’t trust those at the top of society to bring freedom and justice. What we do now matters more than ever. At the start of this week the resilience of the Palestinian resistance, the scale of the global movement and the fears of wider revolt in the Middle East had shaken Joe Biden.

In an effort to look less signed up to genocide, his administration is now using the word “ceasefire”. The United States drafted a UN Security Council resolution that calls for a “temporary ceasefire” in Gaza “as soon as practical” and based on “all hostages being released”. It also warned against what it described as a “major” ground offensive in Rafah, “under the current circumstances”.

That’s not a pro-Palestine motion, but where the US leads loyal supporters of imperialism could follow. And that might include Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer. Socialist Worker went to press before the ceasefire vote in parliament this week. But even before Biden’s move, Labour was altering its position because of its own fears of splits and rebellion.

We can guarantee that whatever Labour does will be too little and too late. Their version of a ceasefire won’t mean that Biden, Sunak or Starmer have broken from Israel. We need total liberation for the Palestinians. We want them freed from the grips of an apartheid state that has brutalised and oppressed them for more than 75 years.

The movement for Palestine needs to escalate. The nine national demonstrations in London have been a spectacular success and so have many others in Scotland, Wales and local areas of England. The 250,000 on the demonstration in London last Saturday were a sign of how strong the movement remains. It needs to stay active and militant.

Campaigners, for example, need to be on the streets next weekend. The fact that it’s the Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s (PSC) annual general meeting should not mean there isn’t a huge day of protest—particularly if the bloodbath in Rafah goes ahead. It’s too long until 9 March for the next scheduled national demo.

There also must be a deepening of actions within workplaces, schools, colleges and universities. The 8 March day of action needs to build on the positives of the last workplace events. More walkouts, strikes and protests can deepen and strengthen the movement.

And we need more militancy—big marches, mass mobilisation at the firms who supply the apartheid state, more occupations and efforts to make Britain ungovernable. The rage at Israeli terror has not subsided. Let’s keep turning that anger into action.

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