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Turn the tide on Tories and racists in 2019

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Issue 2635
Make 2019 a year of resistance
Make 2019 a year of resistance

These are urgent times. Political and economic crises are accelerating, and racists and fascists are seeking to grow amid the chaos.

The Tories are trying to manufacture a racist crisis over a few hundred refugees trying to enter Britain.

It’s a deliberate attempt to increase toxic British nationalism and to divert attention from the Brexit chaos and the class war waged on working class people.

The real crisis is not refugees. It’s 14 million people in Britain living in poverty, soaring foodbank use, and more than 70,000 NHS operations cancelled in 2017-18 due to underfunding.

The Tories want a “refugee invasion” to be the news, not the 597 deaths of homeless people in England and Wales in 2017.

Ten years since the financial crisis there are strong indications that another crash is coming.

And job losses, such as the 2,200 threatened now at media retailer HMV, show what happens when profits come first and people’s lives are ignored.

In his New Year message Jeremy Corbyn pledged, “We’ll stand up to the powerful few so that the wealth you create is shared fairly not hoarded by a privileged elite.”

That’s a welcome promise. But to make it reality needs struggle in the streets and workplaces, not waiting for an election that might not come for over three years.

We need to push for more strikes and protests.

We need to step up solidarity with every strike and every battle against Universal Credit and in defence of the NHS, education and other services.

And we also have to fight the attempts to divide us. The size and breadth of the anti-racist demonstration on 17 November and when we outnumbered Ukip and fascist Tommy Robinson’s forces on 9 December were steps forward.

But that needs to be developed further this year.

Socialist Worker urges its readers to build all the Stand Up To Racism events, in particular the national demonstrations on 16 March in London, Cardiff and Glasgow.

Capitalism means poverty, war, racism and climate catastrophe.

The Cop24 environment summit last month hardly even pretended to offer any serious action. The US, Russia and Saudi Arabia prevented endorsement of the completely mainstream views of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

It’s time for a fightback on all these fronts. We take inspiration from the struggles by ordinary people in recent weeks.

These include the French Yellow Vests, the one million Indian bank workers who struck on 26 December, those fighting for change in Sudan, and the left opposition to Viktor Orban in Hungary.

Let’s make 2019 a year of successful resistance.

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