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Turn the Tories’ fears into real resistance

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Issue 2460
Tory MP Matthew Hancock
Tory MP Matthew Hancock (Pic: Policy Exchange)

The Tories have set up a “hit squad” to combat strikes.

They know their plans for the next round of cuts will have a devastating impact on working class people—and they expect to face resistance. 

Tory cabinet minister Matthew Hancock has declared he has a team of no less than 73 officials who are talking to public sector bosses about breaking strikes.

They want to identify workers who will cross picket lines. They have lawyers ready to go through every strike ballot to try and rule them illegal. 

They are working on a law change included in the Tory manifesto so they can officially use agency workers to replace strikers. 

In other words, they want to make it legal to bring in scabs to break a dispute.

If strikes weren’t effective and made no difference, they wouldn’t be spending all this time and resources working out how to beat them.

It shows they think they are not going to get an easy ride—so we shouldn’t give them one.

Jobs are going every day.  The Tory head of local government bosses has said that a million public sector jobs have been cut since 2010. 

And he warned that the scale of the next round of job cuts could reach between 250,000 and 500,000. 


Funding cuts are constantly driven through and services that used to be lifelines for people are disappearing. 

Hancock also announced that the government was going to launch a crackdown on people who are “fiddling the tax payer”. 

But he doesn’t mean the big companies and fat cat bosses who don’t pay tax on their millions. 

He wants to attack the poorest, unemployed people, or those who have to rely on benefits. He claims they are the problem. 

Where’s the opposition to these attacks? The 250,000 who marched against austerity on 20 June showed how widespread the anger against the Tories is. People want to see the Tories get a kicking. 

Labour is not leading any resistance to the new round of austerity, and it bound up in an internal leadership election campaign for another two months.

It’s workers’ collective class power that scares the Tories and bosses. 

Strikes hurt them.  Yet the union leaders are not out there campaigning for mass walkouts that could stop the Tories in their tracks.

If the Tories are getting ready for a mass fightback and public sector strike then shouldn’t we?

Ordinary people who are forced to rely on the welfare state didn’t cause the crisis.  

It is the bosses and the bankers —that’s why we should make them pay. 

But to do that it’s going to take a fight. It’s time we made the union leaders start leading one.

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