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Unaffordable bosses – why we need to tax the rich

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Issue 2554
A protester at the Occupy Wall Street site in New York
A protester at the Occupy Wall Street site in New York (Pic: Tmothy Krause/flikr)

Whenever an argument is put for reform that could benefit millions of working class people, right wing commentators tell us it is unaffordable or idealistic.

During this election campaign we will no doubt hear bosses howl about “Labour’s magic money tree”.

Money magically appearing for doing nothing is an idea they know very well.

The wealth they control is created off the back of the workers’ labour that they exploit.

It is not the corporate directors who produce the things our society needs—it is the working class they sneer at.

The richest have done very well out of the Tories’ austerity lie. We are not “all in it together”.

They are in it for themselves and have happily watched our living standards plummet since the economic crisis began.

Meanwhile their bank balances have soared.

In 2009 the richest 1,000 people in Britain hoarded £258 billion between them—their loot is now £658 billion.

The bosses’ magic money tree increased by £226 million a day last year alone.

We can go much further than Labour’s modest promises to increase taxes on corporations and the wealthiest individuals.

The money is there to abolish the need for food banks, give everyone a decent home and job—and the care they need.

We just have to tax the rich.


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