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United we can bring down the Tories

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Issue 2459
Marching on the demo

The demonstration boosted everyone’s confidence to fight back (Pic: Guy Smallman )

Rage against Tory austerity ran through the streets of London and Glasgow last Saturday. 

The tens of thousands who marched sent a clear message to David Cameron’s Eton gang—“We will defy Tory rule”. 

It showed that there is a real mood in society to resist—and boosted everyone’s confidence to fight. Now we need to build the momentum. 

The Tories are intensifying their assault on working class people and ramping up the racist scapegoating of Muslims and migrants. 

Tory chancellor George Osborne will unleash a firestorm of attacks on working class people in the budget on 8 July. 

The Tories think that they can do as they please. 

But they only have a narrow majority—and party squabbles are already breaking out.  This government can be beaten.

The People’s Assembly demonstration acted as a focal point for the resistance that broke out after the general election. 

Organising for the demonstration has created local groups of activists. 

We now need to turn that mood of defiance into a continuing movement that can bring down the Tories. 

Everyone has to go back and build resistance in our towns, cities, colleges and workplaces.

We need a local People’s Assembly group in every area to organise actions and pull local fights together. 


Councils are planning to strip local services—we can organise marches and protests against them.

The budget day on 8 July must be the next national focal point of resistance.  Activists have already started organising local protests. 

In London the Tube workers are also set to strike on that day. If the RMT and TSSA unions join Aslef in walking out, it will be the first total shutdown of the Tube since the 1926 general strike.

This will give us a taste of our real power to take on the Tories and bosses. 

We need to raise solidarity, push for more workers’ struggles and put pressure on the union leaders to call action. 

We need to build a movement against the Tories. 

When they come to Manchester in October, we have to lay siege for the duration of their conference.

But building the movement is not enough by itself.

Many people on the march were also looking for a political alternative to austerity and racism, whether that’s the Green Party or left wing Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn.

Socialist Worker agrees that we need a socialist alternative, but one that’s rooted in working class struggles. 

That also means pushing for a more united left now.  

The Tories declared class war on us—and last Saturday we showed that we’d give them one.


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