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Unity with liberals is a bad deal for workers

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Issue 2669
Is Corbyn stronger together with big business-backing, EU-loving liberals?
Is Corbyn stronger together with the big business-backing EU? (Pic: Guy Smallman)

Boris Johnson would use the shock of a no-deal Brexit to push through more austerity and racism. But the latest “cross party” bid to stop it would be a gift to Tory right wingers, the far right and big business.

Jeremy Corbyn planned to meet other opposition party leaders and MPs on Tuesday to discuss blocking Johnson’s no-deal Brexit. His preferred scenario would involve bringing down Johnson’s government with a vote of no confidence leading a new “caretaker” government.

But the dangers of uniting with “anyone but Boris” were becoming clear on Tuesday.

The Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru and the Scottish National Party were already dictating their preconditions for supporting Corbyn.

Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price made clear that he would not support a general election unless Corbyn made a “totally unqualified commitment to Remain”.

Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson went further, saying her party would not accept Corbyn as an interim prime minister. And former Tory, Nick Bowles MP, said Corbyn would have to secure an Article 50 extension from European Union (EU) leaders before calling a general election. This would delay Britain leaving.

Paul Mason’s ‘popular front’ of failures is not the way to beat the right
Paul Mason’s ‘popular front’ of failures is not the way to beat the right
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The Lib Dems and Remain?supporting Tories aren’t concerned about the impact of a no-deal Brexit on workers’ and migrants’ rights.

They have spent the last decade pushing through austerity and racism.

They want to stay in the EU single market because it protects big business. When they tell Corbyn to “put the country before the party,” they mean the interests of the rich.

Big business interests would call the shots. And lining up with liberals would strengthen the hard right Brexit Party’s attempts to present itself as standing up to the establishment.

Johnson refused to rule out suspending parliament, which would stop MPs getting in his way.

Labour said that would be one of the biggest abuses of power in living memory.

The Brexit shambles has been full of anti-democratic outrages. Ordinary people have been reduced to spectators.

Labour and the trade union leaders have failed to call the sort of action—mass protests and strikes—that could bring down the Tories.

Any version of Brexit will be bad for ordinary people so long as it’s based on the interests of the bosses.

A Brexit that defends and extends migrants’ rights, and opposes austerity and privatisation, could be an alternative to both right wing Leave and Remain.

The answer is to unite working class people around class politics, and build action the streets and workplaces against the Tories, bosses and racists.

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