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Vote for Labour in local elections

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Issue 2651
The most left wing leader the party has ever had but makes concessions to the right (Pic: Guy Smallman)

Local elections will take place in 248 English councils on Thursday of next week.

They come as the Tories remain mired in crisis over Brexit.

But they remain committed to attacking working class people with austerity and pushing racism to divide us.

Losing seats in local authorities will weaken them and make it harder to drive through that assault.

That’s one reason why Socialist Worker is calling for a vote for Labour in the elections. Another is that a big Labour win will increase the pressure that can force out prime minister Theresa May.

We don’t have illusions in Labour.


Jeremy Corbyn is the most left wing leader the party has ever had, yet he has made dangerous concessions to the right.

And Corbyn’s politics doesn’t change the nature of the party. Labour remains dominated by right wing MPs.

And in councils across Britain Labour has driven through cuts to services and attacked jobs.

The Birmingham home care workers are just one example of this.

But when Labour won a stunning result in the 2017 general election it gave everyone on the left a boost.

A bigger vote for Labour in the council elections will be seen as a victory for Corbyn.

It can be another step towards getting rid of this rotten government.

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