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Vote Left in Scotland and take the resistance forward

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Issue 2556
Trident is dangerous and expensive
Trident is dangerous and expensive (Pic: Duncan Brown)

We want the Tories out and an end to their regime of austerity, racism and war. We want to see working class people resisting and fighting back.

We want Theresa May ejected from 10 Downing Street, nuclear weapons scrapped and an end to the attacks on the NHS and benefits.

We want a total ban on fracking and a society where people come before profit.

And we want another referendum and a vote for independence.

In England and Wales Socialist Worker is urging its readers to back Jeremy Corbyn and vote Labour.

Labour’s manifesto includes several radical proposals to tax the rich, start renationalisation, and give workers greater rights.

It’s a refreshing shift from the era of Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband.

But Labour also opposes a new independence referendum.

If one were held it would continue to argue for the Union, a repeat of the disastrous policy of 2014 which saw it aligning with the Tories to save the British state.

Scottish Labour is led by Kezia Dugdale, who backed the attempt to remove Corbyn as leader.


These are some of the reasons why we can’t just extend the call to vote Labour to Scotland.

The Scottish National Party (SNP) shares some of Labour’s manifesto pledges, and has piloted the demand for indyref2 through the Holyrood parliament.

It is pledged to defend pensions, free personal care and better pay for public sector workers.

But the SNP also wants to be the friend of business. For example, at its manifesto launch on Tuesday first minister Nicola Sturgeon promised, “We will support targeted reductions in national insurance to bring down the costs employers face”.

The SNP wants tax cuts and handouts for the oil multinationals. It has no plans for renationalisation and has implemented the Tories’ cuts at national and local level.

If there’s a chance to get rid of the Tories at Westminster, it must be grabbed

These are some of the reasons why we can’t just say vote SNP.

We call on our readers to vote Left in every constituency—to choose the candidate who is best able to carry forward the fight against austerity and racism and for independence.

In Britain as a whole the arrogant Tories’ certainty—shared by the Labour right and much of the SNP—that they were heading for a landslide has melted away. Now the polls are much, much closer.

Labour has gained through winning the support of young people and those who previously haven’t thought it worth voting.

They say they will vote this time because Corbyn offers an alternative to the usual bland uniformity.


According to a poll in the Sunday Times, Labour is an extraordinary 57 points ahead of the Conservatives among voters under 25 years old. That’s twice the lead when the election was called in April.

There’s an excitement about Labour this time.

If there’s a chance to get rid of the Westminster Tory government through a combination of Labour and the SNP, then it must be grabbed with both hands.

Don’t rule it out. The election has already seen the biggest policy U-turn and the biggest shifts in the opinion polls in any campaign since 1945.

Voters are now much less loyal to political parties. The proportion switching parties between elections has risen sharply over the last half century.

Whatever happens on 8 June it won’t be the end of the struggle.

If, as we hope, there’s a Labour government we will have to keep pushing to make sure Labour keeps its promises.

We will have to demand the right to indyref2, and to go further in the fight for socialism.We will need more resistance in the workplaces and on the streets.

If it’s the Tories then the resistance starts the next day—and it will be much more defiant and angry because of the last few weeks.

Vote Left, prepare to fight, and build the resistance.

March for independence, this Saturday 3 June, assemble 10.30am, Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow. For details go to Hosted by All Under One Banner

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