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War boosts fossil fuels

As limits to Russian energy exports take place, Western governments turn to increasingly exploitative fossil fuel exploration
Issue 2795
North Sea oil rig

Oil drilling platform in the North Sea. (Chumlee10/Flickr)

The war in Ukraine has seen massive rises in the price of oil and gas. And ordinary people will be forced to pay the price. That means prices will go even higher and push more people into poverty. But the Tories have a plan—dump climate promises. The Daily Mail newspaper celebrated this week, “At last, Boris Johnson ditches green dogma on energy.”

Johnson told a press conference on Monday, “It is completely the right thing to do to move away from dependence on Russia. “One of the things we are looking at is the possibility of using more of our own hydrocarbons. We need to increase our self-reliance.”  That’s a thinly-veiled recipe for boosting North Sea oil and gas, as well as nuclear power.

This would overturn all statements made at the Cop26 climate conference less than six months ago. The answer to rising fuel bills is not to unleash even more climate disasters. It’s to take back the whole industry from the fat cats, stop them siphoning off massive profits and eliminate the payouts to executives and shareholders.

Dumping the climate is happening across the globe. Executives at some of the world’s biggest oil and gas companies said this week they are ramping up crude production as president Joe Biden and Congress were expected to ban imports of oil. We need to fight war, poverty and climate destruction together.

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