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We must resist the rule of racist Tory toffs

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Issue 2662
Boris Johnson will likely be the next prime minister - but Jeremy Hunt is no better
Boris Johnson will likely be the next prime minister – but Jeremy Hunt is no better (Pic: OPCW/Flickr)

Tory leadership rivals Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt are competing to be the most racist, bigoted friend of the rich.

They know how to play to the tiny Tory party electorate, which will choose the next leader and prime minister.

A YouGov poll on Monday showed that 56 percent of Tory members see Islam as a threat to British values.

And 42 percent thought that people from different racial and cultural backgrounds have damaged British society.

Frontrunner Johnson knows his audience well.

At a local Tory association he said, “Too often there are parts of our country, parts of London and other cities, where English is not spoken by some people as their first language.

“And that needs to be changed.”

Johnson has defended saying that Muslim women who wear the hijab look like “letter boxes” and “bank robbers”.

The Tory leadership has been forced to suspend several more members over allegations of Islamophobia.

One member of the Boris Johnson Supporters Group said, “I would ban all Muslims from entering the whole of Great Britain.”

The YouGov poll showed what all-round reactionaries the Tories are. Some 58 percent wanted to bring back the death penalty for some crimes.

And 46 percent thought that concerns about climate change have been exaggerated.


Sections of the mainstream media are still trying to portray Jeremy Hunt as less rabidly right wing than Johnson.

Yet even Hunt has given up on this ploy.

He is a public school educated toff who fawns over Donald Trump.

He wants to further restrict a woman’s right to choose and was at the forefront of moves to privatise the NHS.

Whichever one wins they will not be able to resolve the Tories’ deep divisions over Brexit, with the date for leaving the EU looming on 31 October.

For too long working class people have been left as spectators to the Tory crisis through the inaction of the Labour Party and union leaders.

We need to start taking action for ourselves.

That’s why it’s positive that the People’s Assembly has called a demonstration in London on 22 July, as the next Tory leader is announced.

And we should also march on the Tory party conference in Manchester on 29 September.

The global climate strike on 20 September has to be the key date for everyone.

Every socialist, trade unionist and worker needs to argue and organise for walkouts on the day.

The key thing is to deepen resistance to Tory rule.

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