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We need ‘regime change’ in Britain

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OPPOSITION TO launching a military attack on Iraq is growing in Britain, according to the latest opinion polls. The feeling against war has led to a significant drop in Labour's support on the eve of the party's conference.
Issue 1819

OPPOSITION TO launching a military attack on Iraq is growing in Britain, according to the latest opinion polls. The feeling against war has led to a significant drop in Labour’s support on the eve of the party’s conference.

This mood is despite the best efforts of Bush and Blair’s lie machine to prove that Iraq threatens the world. Blair and his supporters in the media want to isolate and discredit those who oppose attacking Iraq. Their efforts make the stop the war demonstration this Saturday more important than ever.

We can show the scale of opposition to the war and use that as a launchpad for an even bigger and bolder anti-war movement. There are two key aspects to this.

Firstly, we have to throw our energies into opposing the war, whether or not the US manages to bribe and bully the UN Security Council into backing it. We also have to be confident to take on the propaganda lies that will be thrown at us as war looms closer.

The Stop the War Coalition has called a day of action under the banner ‘Stop Your City, Stop the War’ on Thursday 31 October to provide a militant focus for the anti-war movement. Secondly, it is important to understand that Blair is not just weak on one front – that of drumming up support for attacking Iraq.

A key issue at the Labour Party conference will be his mania for privatisation and destruction of public services. The feeling among trade unionists against privatisation means some union leaders are threatening to stage a revolt at Labour’s conference.

The neo-liberal doctrine of letting private companies destroy our services for private gain is the linchpin of both Blair and Bush’s agenda. They wage bloody wars not to make the world safe for freedom and democracy, as they claim, but to make it safe for huge multinational companies. They want to blast anyone who might obstruct the corporations today or even at some time in the distant future.

Iraq is just the next target on the list. If Iraq is blown to pieces, Bush and Blair will not stop. They will turn their huge military machine on the next state that will not dance to their tune. Thousands of activists are making the connections between these different issues.

Many people are asking why there is no money to pay education and health workers, but there are billions to spend on destroying hospitals and schools in other countries. We need to build a network of activists that can build militant protests against war, and can also deliver solidarity with all the groups of workers fighting back.

Socialist Worker urges all its supporters to link the movements together and help to bring about a regime change in this country.

US gives cover to murder by Israel

THERE IS a major power in the Middle East that threatens all its neighbours. It has invaded and still occupies other nations. It has nuclear weapons pointed at the capitals of neighbouring states. It is holding prisoner the leader of another nation.

It has oppressed and humiliated a civilian population for over 50 years. This power is Israel. The US backs it to the hilt. Israeli tanks and troops laid siege to Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat in the Palestinian Authority compound from Friday of last week.

They replaced the Palestinian flag on the building with Israel’s flag. They forced Arafat to take refuge in a ruined shell of a building. ‘Let him sweat, the dog,’ Israel’s right wing prime minister Ariel Sharon said. The Palestinian people took to the streets on Sunday and Monday to protest, defying the curfew that Israel imposed on the West Bank three months ago. The Palestinian intifada, or uprising, broke out two years ago this Saturday. It is a revolt of the oppressed.

Israel has killed around 1,900 Palestinians during the intifada. It is using the cover of Bush’s ‘war on terror’ to carry on killing. That is why those who want peace in the Middle East should say no to war on Iraq and yes to justice for Palestine.

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