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We need resistance to Tories’ winter of misery

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Issue 2381

The television adverts are already full of sparkly fairy lights, visions of cosy family homes and expensive shopping sprees for Christmas presents.

Yet for millions in Britain this is not a winter they can look forward to. 

The hike in heating bills means that many are making the choice between heating and eating. The explosion of the number of food banks shows how many struggle to afford even just the basics to get by.

Hospital A&E departments that we are told every week are overstretched and understaffed are bracing themselves for the rise in patients during winter. 

Millions of public sector workers have suffered effective pay cuts to their already low pay. Their wages have been frozen or they have only received below inflation increases. 

Those relying on benefits have seen their living standards driven down with every new attack—being forced to pay council tax, the imposition of bedroom tax and loss of disability payments. 

No wonder the rip off pay day loans companies are making so much money. Even Tory chancellor George Osborne has been forced to admit they need to be controlled.

They are making money from people’s misery and desperation. 

But the Tories are to blame. It’s their policies, their cuts and their system which have led to the situation where so many people are looking at a bleak winter. They should be facing a tidal wave of strikes and protests to stop them.  

Tens of thousands of workers in universities and colleges are set to take part in a national strike on Tuesday. They have upped their fight. The strike is over insulting pay offers but like every group of workers who resist they challenge the whole Tory agenda.

We need more action like this. Union leaders have time and again had the opportunity to call action, to escalate strikes, to lead a fightback.

Strikes are popular—just look at the firefighters’ picket lines, or the rallies during the teachers’ regional strikes. 

When anyone fights back they get the support of so many others who want to see the Tories beaten. 

That’s why Unite the Resistance organises to pull together all those who want to fight.  We need to do this in every town and city.  

The Tories are not invincible. They are in a squabbling coalition and are worried about their chances of winning the next election in 2015.

Their constant attempts to divide ordinary people by stoking racism show how they want to distract us from blaming them for the crisis and austerity. 

We need to say to the union leaders, the Tories can be beaten, show you are willing to lead a serious fight and workers will respond.




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