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We’re proud to be revolutionary

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Issue 2709
Marching on a Black Lives Matter demonstration in central London
Marching on a Black Lives Matter demonstration in central London

Right wing newspapers have attacked the Black Lives Matter movement on the grounds that revolutionary socialists are involved in it.

The Rupert Murdoch-owned Times and the racist Daily Mail papers singled out Socialist Workers Party (SWP) members for attack.

Their articles implied, wrongly, that SWP members had tried to “take over” the BLM movement. This is a common slur aimed at trying to sow divisions within movements. The SWP has celebrated the protests and joined them. It’s absolutely right to do so.

The articles also expressed outrage at that idea that SWP members want to “dismantle capitalism”. But being a revolutionary is something to be proud of. 

It’s right to stand against this racist, violent system that lets a tiny minority of rich people rule at the expense at the vast majority.

Capitalism doesn’t work for ordinary people. It means repeated wars, extreme poverty, oppression and climate change.

It’s right to fight for a better system. The latest articles are relatively tame compared to the backlash that has been whipped up to target movements in the past. But the aims are the same.

Right wingers are furious that tens of thousands of ordinary people, black and white, are challenging the system. 

They want to turn people against each other and weaken the resistance. We need to stay united.

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