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What needs to be done now to turn the tide against the Nazis

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THE Nazi BNP is not just a threat in the north west of England.
Issue 1798a

THE Nazi BNP is not just a threat in the north west of England.

The same bitterness and sense of betrayal that led people to vote for it there can build up in other places around the country.

We cannot wait one or two years for the next round of elections to throw the BNP out of office in Burnley and to stop it winning more support elsewhere.

Hundreds of thousands of ordinary people understand the urgent need to create a mass movement to stop the BNP.

In every area people will wear anti-Nazi badges and leaflet schools, colleges, workplaces and estates.

Motions must be put to every trade union branch, student union and tenant group to explain the threat the Nazis pose to all of us.

Some trade union leaders have made noises about calling an anti-Nazi march in the north west. We should demand that they act now to organise a massive show of anti-Nazi solidarity.

After Derek Beackon won an election on the Isle of Dogs in 1993 a 40,000-strong TUC march through east London was crucial in turning the tide against the Nazis. We need a similar initiative in Burnley now.

Anti-Nazi carnivals and marches are needed and should get the full support of the labour movement.

The BNP must not be treated as ordinary politicians, given polite interviews and have its views aired in the media.

The BNP councillors in Burnley cannot be allowed to act like normal local politicians.

They must be exposed as Nazis, excluded from all positions and committees, and prevented from using any council powers or positions to spread their filthy views.

In every town and city across Britain we can build a visible and powerful movement against the BNP Nazis.

We should also build the socialist organisation that can take up questions of poverty, bad housing, crumbling schools and hospitals, and insecurity.

In that way we can unite people against those who are really responsible for wrecking our lives.

No platform

‘YOU’VE HAD more publicity than any other group going.’

That’s what John Humphries said on Radio 4 on Friday morning before giving Nazi Führer Griffin still more publicity.

The BBC and other media have allowed the Nazis to spread their filth. This must stop.

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