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Whatever the election results – resisting austerity can undercut the racists

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Issue 2404

Racism has dominated the run-up to the European and local elections in Britain. Anti-racists mobilised as the mainstream media gave maximum publicity to Ukip leader Nigel Farage and his party’s foul views on immigration.

Yet the leaders of the mainstream parties refused to label Farage as racist.

In the north west of England, Unite Against Fascism has campaigned to kick Nazi Nick Griffin out of the European parliament. This has galvanised anti-racists across the region. But the Tories and Labour have spent their time fighting over whose anti-immigrant policies are tougher.

And the rot doesn’t stop there. Labour leader Ed Miliband has made it clear that he won’t reverse Tory spending cuts if elected. Given this record many activists desperate to see the Tories defeated balk at the thought of voting Labour.

That’s why Socialist Worker supporters have been part of trying to offer an alternative to the left of Labour. Socialist Workers Party members were set to stand as candidates of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC).

In the campaign, they took to streets to argue against austerity and the anti-immigrant consensus.

So Socialist Worker says, “Vote left where you can, vote Labour where there is no real left candidate—and organise to fight whoever wins.”

Whatever the results of the local and European elections, the struggle against the Tories and their attacks on working class people will continue.

The attempts to blame migrants for problems in society won’t stop when polling stations close. Anti-racists will have to continue to organise wherever Ukip supporters show their faces to show they can’t get away with their lies.

The racists feed off the despair people can feel in the face of austerity and constant attacks.

Building resistance—and the possibility of stopping the attacks—gives a real alternative to that despair.

That’s why the potential for stepping up the fight against the government’s assault on public sector pay in July is so important. This could mean a million?strong strike of public sector workers.

This is a fight every activist can be a part of. You can argue for your union to take part in the action, and to organise support for other workers preparing to strike.

Everyone wants to see the Tories forced into retreat.

Ordinary people are sick of the smug public school boys in the Tory cabinet telling them to put up with ever more cuts. So a victory for public sector workers would be a victory for everyone and give confidence to everyone else to fight back.

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