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When enemies rise up

This article is over 10 years, 3 months old
Issue 2392

There have been protests, street barricades and battles with the police in Ukraine, Venezuela and Thailand.

Different struggles can appear the same on the surface, especially in the way they are presented on the news. But these protests have different roots and different consequences. 

In Ukraine, Western journalists simply refer to all the protesters as revolutionaries as if this was Eastern Europe’s version of the Arab spring. The fact that open fascists have been playing a leading role, forming paramilitary-style groups and taking advantage of the instability, is barely acknowledged. 

Socialists have to go beyond looking at such struggles simply by their form. We need to understand the social make up of the movements and what they are fighting for.

The government of Venezuela is not delivering on many of its promises to the poor. But if a right wing, middle class revolt brings it down it will only make things much worse. 

In Ukraine the interests of the vast majority of people were not being served by the government that has fallen. But a movement with fascists to the fore and supported by the elites of Europe and the US is not the answer. 

Revolutions of workers and poor people fighting for their class interests are the only way to stop competing sections of the ruling class hijacking struggles. 


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