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Workers have power to take on the system

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Issue 2458

Mass protests are like a beacon. When tens of thousands take to the streets it boosts the confidence of everyone who wants to fight back.

When you are part of a huge demonstration you can get a glimpse of the potential for mass action and realise that many others feel the same. 

The experience can also lift workers’ confidence. 

But most on the march will want to do more than just express their anger. 

They want to get rid of the Tories and stop austerity—they want to win.

So how do we take the struggle forward? How can we actually beat the Tories?

We do need more protests. 

When chancellor George Osborne delivers his austerity budget on 8 July, it should be met by thousands on the streets. 

But we also have to look at where we’re most powerful— and that’s where workers are organised collectively. 

Those workers planning to strike on the day of Osborne’s budget are leading the way. 

Workers taking action is our side’s most powerful weapon. Without workers the system wouldn’t function. 


Organised working class resistance is what bosses and politicians fear most. That’s why they keep creating new laws to make it more difficult. 

But we face a problem. Many union leaders have repeatedly backed off from leading resistance on a scale that could knock the Tories back. 

They’ve cost us some brilliant opportunities.  And now many of those union leaders are arguing that, with a new leader, the Labour Party can be the answer.  

But Labour is committed to “austerity-lite” and helped make scapegoating migrants mainstream. It is not going to lead a fightback. 

Workers fighting back need a different set of politics—one that doesn’t echo Tory policies or look to doing deals and compromising. 

Socialist Worker argues that when workers struggle, they have the power not just to beat the Tories but also challenge the system itself.

Capitalism crushes us with the daily grind of struggling to get by. 

We are encouraged to blame each other for all the problems in society.The ruling class wants to see us divided.

But working class solidarity which flows from class organisation can challenge those divisions and show they can be overcome.

We have the potential to fight for a totally different society—a socialist society free from all exploitation and oppression.

We want a world where everything is organised to provide for the needs of the majority rather than the profits of the few.

If you would like to be part of that fight, join the Socialist Workers Party today.


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