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The paper that says Bush off
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The paper that says Bush off

SOCIALIST WORKER is really catching the mood of anger over George Bush’s visit.

A teacher from south London told me last week, “The ‘On To The Streets’ front page of Socialist Worker was very popular with people at my work.

“Many of the teachers and staff are taking part in the protests against Bush.

“I sold over 25 Stop Bush badges in one day, and other people at work have sold badges too.

“I have tried to use Socialist Worker more and more in the last few weeks to show people that their views against Bush and Blair are those of millions of people round the world.

“This week I sold 11 copies of the paper, including to two people I have never even asked before.”

Our Euro vision is a big hit

OVER THE four days of the European Social Forum in Paris we sold 1,600 copies of Socialist Worker.

Pete, who was over in Paris, reports, “We sold 700 papers on the demo alone.

“Our Socialist Worker stall was permanently mobbed by people who recognised the paper from earlier demos or from seeing our anti-war demos in Britain on the TV in France.

“But most of the sales didn’t come from around the stall or from just waving papers around in the breaks between meetings.

“They came from people taking one or two copies with them to meetings, getting talking to a few people afterwards, and then selling them the paper.”

Always take one with you

SIMON FROM north London told me why you should always carry a copy of Socialist Worker with you:

“I started taking my daughter to ballet classes every Saturday, so I couldn’t do the Socialist Worker sale, but I always have a couple of papers with me wherever I go.

“I got chatting to other parents and sold two papers the first week I went.

“It went up to three or four every Saturday and last week, while the children were dancing, seven of us sat around discussing political issues like the return of the rank and file and the Bush visit.”

Revolutionary ideas in the post

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