Socialist Worker

No Pride in capitalism

Issue No. 2611

Trade unionists join Pride in London last year

Trade unionists join Pride in London last year (Pic: Socialist Worker)

A lot has changed since the first Pride march in London in 1972.

Cops hurled abuse at the 2,000 marchers and beat some up. Gay and lesbian people faced losing their jobs if they came out.

This Saturday tens of thousands will be out on London Pride. And the Metropolitan Police will be there—but this time waving LGBT+ Rainbow flags.

Multinational corporations will head up the march to show how they celebrate diversity. These changes show how much progress we’ve made—and how capitalism has tried to adopt the language of liberation.

Marriage and sex for procreation aren’t the only acceptable norm anymore.

But we’re still presented with a narrow view of sexuality—and the reality of working class life makes it hard to have satisfying sexual relationships.

Fundamentally this is because capitalism turns everything into a commodity. Our sexuality is alienated from us. We’re told that all our needs can be met by buying the latest products, but sexual needs cannot be satisfied like this.

While sex is an important part of sexuality, it’s about a much bigger range of human relationships. To have fulfilling relations means seeing the other person as a subject—not an object of our desires.

Class society gives rise to oppression and distorts sexuality—it must be uprooted.

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