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Scrap capitalism to save the planet

Issue No. 2641

We need to change the system to stop climate change

We need to change the system to stop climate change (Pic: Guy Smallman)

Two reports this week spelled out the scale of the threat posed by climate change. They follow decades of similar warnings.

It can seem that everyone has an interest in tackling climate change because ultimately it will affect us all.

But the system we live in blocks sustainable, environmentally?friendly ways of living.

And the ruling class, the people in charge, have different interests to ordinary people. Under capitalism a tiny group of rich people make decisions about how society is run.

The system revolves around bosses competing with each other to make money—whatever the longer term consequences.

So fossil fuel firms keep polluting because it’s profitable.

Companies produce goods that are designed to wear out so they can sell us more stuff.

Duplication, overproduction and waste is built into the system.

Energy is squandered lighting up adverts to help firms flog their goods. Retail firms use extra packaging to cut delivery costs.

Millions of people live in homes that are difficult and expensive to heat, but will never be able to afford a new, energy efficient house.

Capitalism is an unsustainable system that makes a handful of people obscenely rich at the expense of the environment.

It’s right to pressure them to do more on climate change. But ultimately we need to change the system to save the planet.

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