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Britain’s ally Saudi Arabia kills 29 children in Yemen

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Issue 2617
The aftermath of an airstrike in Yemen
The aftermath of an airstrike in Yemen (Pic: VOA)

As many as 29 children in Yemen were killed in an airstrike carried out last Thursday by a military coalition armed and funded by Britain.

The children were among 50 people killed in the bombing of a school bus. It is the latest atrocity in Yemen committed by close British ally Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabian forces attacked Yemen in 2015 to restore a regime that protects its interests and those of the US and its allies.

More than 13,000 civilians have been killed since then, most of them in Saudi Arabian airstrikes.

The war—and the blockade of Yemeni ports by the coalition—has also caused widespread starvation.

Tens of thousands of people have been killed by starvation and malnutrition caused by the war, and a blockade on Yemeni ports by the Saudi coalition.

The charity Save the Children estimated that as many as 50,000 children died of hunger or disease in 2017.

Despite this, Britain continues to support Saudi Arabia’s war on Yemen—and continues to sell it the bombs and equipment needed to carry it out.

Saudi Arabia is the largest buyer of British-made weapons. Britain has sold it more than £4 billion worth of arms since the start of its war on Yemen.

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