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Chicago cops kill black man

This article is over 5 years, 10 months old
Issue 2613
A still from a cops body cam footage, moments before Harith was shot
A still from a cop’s body cam footage, moments before Harith was shot

Protesters in Chicago faced down police after cops killed Harith Augustus last Saturday, shooting him in the back.

The cop who shot him was rushed away before more police arrived and baton charged protesters.

Cops were quick to try and deflect blame onto Harith, claiming bodycam footage showed he was reaching for a gun on his waist.

Harith had a concealed-carry licence, meaning he was legally allowed to have a gun with him.

And as he was running away when he was shot, the movement of his arms could just as easily be attributed to that.

After the shooting over 100 police came to clear the scene. They held people down on the floor and beat them.

On the same day Rashaun Washington was killed by police in Vineland, New Jersey.

He was not acting violently, and was clearly unarmed—he was shirtless.

A cop shouted, “Bomb”.

Rashaun was shot three times.

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