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Powerful solidarity with refugees in Austria and Germany

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Issue 2622
Anti-racists march in solidarity with refugees
Anti-racists march in solidarity with refugees (Pic: Platform for a More Humane Asylum Policy)

Anti-racists from Austria and Germany joined forces at the border town of Passau last Saturday.

It was a powerful show of solidarity against the fake internationalism of the European Union’s (EU) racist border regime.

Activists came on trains and buses from both countries—and local residents from Passau also joined the 200-strong action. Austrians carried a large banner reading “Open the border” and the German one demanded, “Close the camps”.

This was in reference to new internment camps for refugees on the border in the southern German state of Bavaria.

The previous day, five Afghan and one Iranian refugees tried to kill themselves in a detention centre in Austria’s capital Vienna.

David Albrich is part of the Platform for a More Humane Asylum Policy, one of the Austrian groups behind the action.

“We stand for tolerance, diversity and defending human rights,” he told the rally. “Let’s build bridges, let’s break down the walls and let’s rise up against racism”.

Far right and racist politicians are ramping up racism against refugees.

Italian interior minister Matteo Salvini and German interior minister Horst Seehofer have led the charge in the EU.

David laid the blame on the EU’s racist rulers.

“It is the racist policies of people such as Kickl, Salvini and Seehofer that get people into that sort of situation where they feel there is no other way out,” he said.

Some 3,000 people joined a protest outside the EU home affairs ministers’ conference in Vienna last Thursday.

Far right and racist politicians want to impose more internal border controls within the EU.

But the so-called “centrist” leaders, German chancellor Angela Merkel and French president Emmanuel Macron, want to reinforce the EU’s external borders.

Either way, refugees drown in the Mediterranean and face barbed wire and batons as they try to make their way to safety.

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