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Protests grow across Europe as governments clamp down

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Issue 2476

More refugees died trying to enter Europe last week.

Bulgarian border guards shot dead a young man from Afghanistan. And at least three adults and four children were killed near the Greek island of Lesvos when a Greek coast guard vessel collided with their dinghy.

But there is resistance too.

Giorgos Pittas is a journalist from Socialist Worker’s sister paper Workers’ Solidarity. He reported, “The Nazi party Golden Dawn has tried to organise in the islands where refugees are arriving. 

“So it’s significant that there were anti-fascist protests there last week.”

Trade union branches in Lesvos’ capital Mytilini mobilised to stop Golden Dawn holding an open meeting.

A march of thousands on the European Union (EU) offices called for the border to be opened.

Hungary’s government sealed its border with Croatia last Saturday. Croatian activists Ankica Cakardic and Mislav Stublic told Socialist Worker, “Croatia has become the main hub for refugees entering Europe. 

“The government is scrambling to secure basic necessities. Many of the refugees left home in summer and are still in their summer clothes.”

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