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Letters: Racist, lying Nuttall should go back to Tranmere Rovers

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Where do we start with Ukip leader Paul Nuttall?
Issue 2542
Campaigner and football fan Roy Bentham
Campaigner and football fan Roy Bentham (Pic: Guy Smallman)

Where do we start with Ukip leader Paul Nuttall?

Saying he played for Tranmere Rovers when he clearly never did is borderline mischievous.

The shame he has brought onto the proud multicultural city of Liverpool with his racist ideology and xenophobic outlook is worthy of disowning him as a fellow scouser. But with his lies about the 1989 Hillsborough disaster he’s overstepped that mark again.

Nuttall was nowhere to be seen or heard in the many, many years of the struggle for the truth.

Neither have I once heard him denounce the repulsive Sun paper that printed the wholly misguided headline “The truth”. Nor has he given any support to the excellent “Don’t buy the Sun” campaign which is gathering pace with councils passing motions to ban it from newsagents.

He would never like to upset his birds of a feather in the establishment, or the likes of Sun owner Rupert Murdoch.

His party try and portray themselves as friends of working class people. The stark reality is they are more right wing than Margaret Thatcher ever was.

Their backers are millionaire businessmen who are all too happy to preach hate and fear like that other grotesque daily, the Mail, to further their own agendas.

Take Arron Banks who recently said he was sick to death of campaigners fighting for justice.

We never should and never will be taken in by former leader Nigel Farage having a pint and smiling like he could cure all your ills as he texts his inner circle about his next fox hunting jaunt.

Nuttall’s a bandwagoner and an opportunist.

I hope he’ll be tendering his resignation and stepping back from politics. He’s bringing ignominy to himself, his family and the people of Merseyside.

Then he can go back to playing football for Tranmere Rovers reserves!

Roy Bentham, Spirit of Shankly Management Committee

A climate of unity

An extremely successful conference on Climate and Refugees this month showed the potential to bring together the anger against Donald Trump with wider social movements.

There is a direct link between worsening climate change and the number of people forced to flee their homes. Trump and Theresa May meet these climate refugees with border controls, walls and racism.

Bringing together climate campaigners with

anti-racists fighting for freedom of movement and open borders can strengthen our side.

Martin Empson, Manchester

News from somewhere

German newspaper Bild, the largest selling newspaper in Europe, has been forced to retract its story about sexual assaults by a rioting mob of Arab men in Frankfurt on New Year’s Eve. A police inquiry had found that the allegations were completely false.

The term “fake news” is associated with internet media. But Bild, which is similar to the Sun, is part of a vast mainstream media empire.

This story was likely to cause a racist backlash. It was printed on the word of just two people—clearly without fact-checking.

This fake news has caused huge damage, and it’s the mainstream media bosses to blame.

Margaret Woods, Glasgow

SNP commitment to EU won’t tackle inequality

The wealthiest 1 percent of Scots own more wealth than the poorest 50 percent according to a Scottish government report.

Scotland also has some of the worst child health in western Europe.

This can’t all be blamed on the Scottish National Party (SNP). A major share of that rests with successive Tory and Labour Westminster governments.

But the SNP has been in office for nearly a decade. It has refused to use powers at its disposal to introduce a more progressive tax system to make the rich pay more, or use new welfare and benefit powers to tackle inequality.

The SNP also remains committed to the European Union and the free market.

It is committed to working with the very people who have helped create unemployment, driven down wages and destroyed communities across Europe, including Scotland.

Bob Fotheringham, Glasgow

This town used to welcome refugees

The plaque in Southampton
The plaque in Southampton (Pic: Graham Tiller)

A ceramic plaque on the wall of the Civic Centre in Southampton commemorates the arrival of 4,000 refugee children from the Spanish civil war.

How is it that 80 years later the world’s fifth richest country cannot take in even a tiny fraction of that number?

The government has announced it will wind up the scheme forced on it last year to bring unaccompanied migrant children to Britain.

An amendment to Tory legislation by Labour peer Alf Dubs, who came to Britain as a 6 year old refugee in 1939, aimed to rescue 3,000 children. The government intends to stop at just 350.

I took a photo of the plaque a year ago as French riot police moved in on the Calais “jungle”.

In the nearby port great container ships were coming and going freely, bringing goods from all over the world.

Cruise ships took passport holders off to Egypt and Greece, over the unmarked graves where thousands have drowned for want of a passport.

Seeing Dubs deliver a petition signed by 50,000 people to Downing Street gave me hope. A massive demonstration on Saturday 18 March can help to turn the tide.

Patrick Kinnersly, Romsey

Fund warfare —not welfare

Just as Tony Blair was George Bush’s poodle, so now we have Theresa May faithfully parroting Donald Trump’s line that Nato members should increase their “defence” spending.

Just think how much better life could be if only European governments would listen, and buy more weaponry instead of frittering money away on health, education or social care.

Richard Purdie, Bradford

What do you really mean?

Your article on the Labour Party (Socialist Worker online, 9 February) calls for “a fightback in the streets”.

What does a fightback in the streets look like?

Collete St Jean, on Facebook

Better left out of bosses’ EU

The European Union (EU) is undemocratic and too centralised.

Left leaning luminaries like Tony Benn, Bob Crow and Michael Foot knew this.

That is why some of us on the left voted Leave. There are many good left wing reasons for leaving the EU.

Geoff Bridges, on Facebook

Brexit hasn’t hurt Tories

The vote for Brexit has moved politics to the right, particularly in England—a sort of Falklands War effect.

Socialist Worker predicted a Tory party tearing itself apart. So far that hasn’t happened. So what went wrong?

Mick Hawker, on Facebook

Blair’s ‘help’ isn’t needed

Tony Blair says he’s “on a mission”. What could possibly go wrong?

Whatever you think of Brexit, the idea that a tax-dodging war criminal and compulsive liar who made immigrants’ lives hell can help is a bit of a stretch. Almost as much as Iraq having weapons of mass destruction.

Sam Dyson, Peterborough


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