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Letters—We marched to shut down the billionaire hypocrites

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Issue 2689
Marching for over three days through the snow and mountains (Pic: John Sinha/Facebook)

As one of the organisers made clear, “We make no demands on the World Economic Forum—we come here to shut it down.”

Some 600 people—organised by a coalition of anti-capitalist climate activists—marched on the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, last week.

The 60 kilometre-long march began with an opening rally in the village of Landquart.

Speeches were delivered by school student strikers and activists from the Global South.

They made the point that fifty years of WEF meetings had failed to solve the environment crisis or end global poverty. From there activists marched for over three days through the snow and mountains, passing small villages and picking up more marchers on the way.

As we passed through the villages we were met with support and solidarity. People waved from their balconies.

In some places we were greeted with mountain horns, and in one we were given hot grog.

The march was made up of young activists from German-speaking Switzerland.

But it included people of all ages and a small number of activists from other countries. The most popular slogans were, “System change not climate change,” and, “Another world is stoppable another world is possible together we’re unstoppable”. In German, “Break the power of the banks and corporations.”

When we reached the outskirts of Davos, the group had swelled to over a thousand.

About 300 activists broke off to blockade the main road into Davos. But the main body of the march planned to march to the centre of Davos and meet up with another march organised by the Swiss Socialist Party youth.

The march was a demonstration of the strength, energy and resilience of the climate justice movement.

John Sinha

North London

Lessons of Holocaust

In the week leading up to Holocaust Memorial Day, Oxford Stand Up To Racism organised a Never Again—Lessons of the Holocaust educational exhibition.

At the opening rally the Lord Mayor of Oxford spoke poignantly about how his family lost members to the Nazis.

Labour councillor Cassi Perry talked of the far right harassment she has experienced for her Jewish heritage and her campaigning for the rights of refugees and travellers.

Naomi Clayden from the Oxford Jewish Congregation spoke about her experience as a child of German Jewish refugees.

Over 300 people have visited the exhibition so far. We have received positive comments from school groups, teachers, trade unionists, family members of victims and people who were saved by the Kindertransport.

Julie Simmons


Remember fighters

On Monday we remembered the horrors of the Holocaust.

Can we also remember the wonderful lives and service given by survivors Leon Greenman, Esther Brunstein and many others? They worked tirelessly to educate us and fight alongside us against the neo-Nazis.

Val Dissington


This treaty says queen is illegal in Scotland

The British parliament has never been sovereign over the affairs of the Scottish people.

That sovereignty has been held by the Scottish people since long before the Treaty of Union.

The Treaty of Union breaches both the Declaration of Arbroath 1320 and the Treaty of Edinburgh-Northampton 1328. Both stipulate that Scots be not held in subjection to any other monarch. The treaty was signed by a small number of bribed nobles against the wishes of the majority of the Scottish people.

It could be reasonably argued that the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is an illegal administration. Queen Elizabeth is an illegal monarch of an illegally assembled kingdom.

No prime minister or parliamentary dogma should ride roughshod over the wishes of the Scottish people.

William Burns


Justice for comrade killed in Nigeria

Last week the police felled comrade Alex Ogbu, journalist, trade unionist, pan-Africanist, author and a member of the Socialist Workers and Youth League (SWL) in Nigeria.

This was when the police opened fire on protesting members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria.

From the account of news site Sahara Reporters, Alex appears to have been killed by a stray bullet.

But this still leaves a number of questions begging for answers, including why live ammunition should be used to disperse demonstrations.

Alex joined what was then the Socialist Workers Movement in 2011 in Abuja. Some of our comrades in Lagos who had worked politically with him as a journalist had recommended him to us.

Alex’s foray into journalism was not limited to mainstream papers such as National Encomium and the African Herald Express.

He served three times as a member of the SWL editorial board.

SWL members, particularly in the Abuja branch, will sorely miss him.

Our heart goes out to his wife Francesca and their two year old daughter.

We do assure them of this—we will fight for justice for Alex.

Andy Wynne

By email

Rebecca Long-Failey?

I saw online your description of Rebecca Long-Bailey’s campaign event in east London last week (Rebecca Long-Bailey rally shows left has limited its sights, Socialist Worker online).

Long-Bailey is no Jeremy Corbyn unfortunately.

Stephen Calder

On Facebook

  • She’s all that’s left by the looks of things.

We have our normal Constituency Labour Party meeting next week, followed by another to nominate a candidate.

I’ll probably end up opening my gob and getting thrown out.

Dafydd Loyd

On Facebook

  • I think the Labour Party is in crisis. That’s the only rationale for Corbyn to have been elected as leader in the first place.

The risk is not making a good decision at this stage about who succeeds him.

Actually it’s hard to imagine any of the prime contenders being able to lead a strong Labour opposition.

Stephen JL

On Facebook

When we won at St Mungo’s

Flashback to 2014 when St Mungo’s workers went on strike and won!

The successful strike shows what can be accomplished when we stick together to defend our terms and conditions.

We’ve won before, and we’ll win again.

Unite London and Eastern

On Twitter

Greta knows better

Last week, Donald Trump’s treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin ridiculed climate activist Greta Thunberg.

Asked if Thunberg’s call for divestment from fossil fuel companies would threaten economic growth Mnuchin retorted, “After she goes and studies economics in college she can come back and explain that to us.”

That’s grubby even by the very low standards of the Trump administration.

Sasha Simic

East London


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