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Racist, lying bandwagon-jumper Nuttall should have stayed at Tranmere Rovers

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Issue 2541
Campaigner and football fan Roy Bentham
Campaigner and football fan Roy Bentham (Pic: Guy Smallman)

Where do we start with Paul Nuttall?

Saying he played for Tranmere Rovers when he clearly never is borderline mischievous even if it was disingenuous. However it gives you an insight into his flawed psyche.

The shame he has brought onto the proud multicultural city of Liverpool these last few years with his crass and overtly racist ideology and xenophobic outlook is certainly worthy of disowning him as a fellow scouser. But with his lies about the 1989 Hillsborough disaster he’s overstepped that mark again.

The thing that jumps out most is that, as families of those killed have pointed out, Nuttall was nowhere to be seen or heard for in the many, many years of the struggle for the truth. For someone with influence within political circles this is simply unforgivable.

Neither have I once heard him denounce the repulsive Sun paper that printed the wholly misguided headline “The truth”. Nor has he given any support to the excellent “Don’t buy the Sun” campaign which is now gathering pace around the country, with councils passing motions to ban it from newsagents.

This I suggest is because he would never like to upset his birds of a feather within the establishment, or the likes of Sun owner Rupert Murdoch.

His party try and portray themselves as friends of ordinary working class people. The stark reality is they are more right wing than Margaret Thatcher ever was.

Their backers are millionaire businessmen who are all happy to preach hate and fear like that other grotesque daily, the Mail, to further their own agendas.

Take Arron Banks who recently said he was sick to death of campaigners fighting for justice surrounding that fateful day of 15th April 1989.

These are words of someone who’s let their mask slip and they are not friends or ever will be of you and me. We never should and never will be taken in by Nuttall’s predecessor Nigel Farage having a pint in a pub by a log fire, smiling like he could cure all your ills as he texts his inner circle about his next fox hunting jaunt

Back to Nuttall. The short of all of this is he’s a bandwagoner and also an opportunitist.

Someone who plays on people’s anxieties and will jump on anything populist to buy a vote. Just like his friends in Ukip – a party of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

I’d hope he’d be tendering his resignation and stepping back from politics. He’s been outed and he’s bringing ignominy to himself his family and the people of Merseyside

Then he can go back to playing football for Tranmere Rovers reserves!

Roy Bentham is a member of the Football Supporters Federation National Council, the Spirit of Shankly Management Committee and the Blacklist Support Group

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