By Nick Clark in Dover
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Anti-fascists stand up to Nazi National Front in Dover

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Issue 2488
Anti-fascists confront the nazi National Front in Dover
Anti-fascists confront the nazi National Front in Dover (Pic: Guy Smallman)

Some 270 anti-Nazis confronted some 150 fascists in Dover today, Saturday.

Fascists from several different Nazi groups descended on Dover from all over Britain for a march called by the Nazi National Front.

The Nazis said they were marching against immigration and in defence of lorry drivers. Migrants trapped in the Calais refugee camp often try to escape to Britain by jumping on the back of lorries.

But anti Nazis organised to let the fascists know they’re not welcome and stop them from marching through the town.

The anti-fascists marched from a rally in the town centre to block the route of the Nazis’ march.

But police allowed groups of fascists to attack the march from the side and rear with bricks, rocks and bottles.

Anti-Nazis defended themselves. But police pushed them into a kettle, splitting the protest before allowing the Nazis to march past.

Police also held a number of anti-fascists travelling to the demo in coaches at Maidstone service station, near Dover, for around five hours.

A group of Nazis on their way to Dover had attacked the anti-fascists at the service station.

Labour Party MPt MP Diane Abbott speaks at the protest against the Nazi National Front in Dover

Labour MP Diane Abbot speaks at the protest in Dover (Pic: Guy Smallman)

The anti-Nazi protest was organised by Kent Anti-Racism Network and supported by Unite Against Fascism (UAF).

Many speakers at the anti-Nazi rally linked the Nazi march to the anti-migrant racism pushed by the Tories.

Labour shadow cabinet member Diane Abbott spoke at the rally. She said, “I’m proud that Jeremy Corbyn visited the Calais refugee camp last week. I’m proud to have accompanied him.

“I was sitting in the House of Commons last week. I saw and heard David Cameron say that Jeremy Corbyn had been in Calais with a bunch of migrants.

“The way he said it tells you everything you need to know about him and his party.”

She added, “We cannot allow the fascists to divide us. We cannot allow the fascists to make one section of the working class blame another section of the working class for their problems”.

Weyman Bennett from UAF also spoke. He said, “When you look at the racism pushed in France, you see the rise of fascists. You see the rise of the Front National.

Speaking after the march Weyman told Socialist Worker, “The Nazis today were building against refugees, against migrants. They’re feeding off Cameron’s racism.

“The other force that acted to facilitate the Nazis were the police.”

He added, “This shows the need to keep organising. This isn’t the same as when the English Defence League were marching in their thousands. We saw small groups from all over the country. The Nazis are down but not out.

“That’s why it’s important to build for the UAF conference next Saturday and for the anti-Pegida march in Birmingham.”

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