By Thomas Foster
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Bomber Biden strikes again

The prospect of a wider war in the Middle East is heightening after western imperialist powers stepped up their bombing across the region last weekend
Issue 2891
Biden US bombs

Biden is backing more slaughter and destruction (Picture: National Renewable Energy Lab)

The US and Britain have blood on their hands after they sent bombers to blast 36 targets in 13 locations in Yemen last weekend.

And those attacks came the day after the US bombed 85 targets in seven locations throughout Iraq and Syria last Friday.

The strikes in Yemen marked the third round in two weeks of the US’s and Britain’s bombing operation to target Houthi missile launchers, radar sites and drones.

Ships The Yemeni group has attacked ships linked to Israel in the Red Sea—a major shipping route. The Houthis remain resolute.

Their military spokesperson Yahya Sarea said, “These attacks will not deter us from our moral, religious and humanitarian stance in support of the resilient Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.”

The US said its strikes on Iraq and Syria targeted Iranian-backed militias. This opens up the possibility of a much wider war with Iran, an important regional power.

Jake Sullivan, the White House national security advisor, warned that the strikes in Iraq and Syria “were just the beginning, not the end of our response”.

The US and Biden did not warn the governments of Iraq and Syria on Friday of last week, much less gain their approval. Even the US Congress did not authorise the assault.

Iraqi government spokesperson Bassem al-Awadi said the US raids hit locations in the towns of Akashat and al-Qaim. These “included areas where our security forces are stationed” killing at least 16 people.

He went on, “The Americans are lying when they say they have coordinated their attacks with the Iraqi government. We reject using Iraq as a platform for score-settling.”

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported to AFP news agency that at least 18 people had been killed in eastern Syria.

It was the first of what Biden said would be a series of retaliatory strikes for the drone attack on a base on the Jordan-Syrian border that killed three US military last month. Killings The US said Iranian-backed militias were behind the killings.

Although last Friday’s attacks did not hit Iran itself, that can’t be ruled out in the future. This would be a massive escalation.

The US invasions and raids have smashed societies and led to the deaths of millions across the Middle East in the last two decades. Biden will sacrifice thousands more lives to underline US power, particularly in an election year where he wants to “look tough”.

The British military will back them all the way. The millions who have protested for Palestine, and many others too, need also to oppose bloody Western imperialism.

Politicians and generals say Britain has to prepare for war with big power

Britain needs to be ready for a “high-intensity war” with another imperialist power.

That is the new call from Tory MP Jeremy Quin, chair of Britain’s parliamentary defence committee. “The real question”, Quin said last Sunday, is whether Britain is ready “for peer-to-peer, high-intensity, prolonged war”.

His remarks came as the committee published a report titled, “Ready for war?” “We should be raising our percentage of GDP investing in defence to at least 2.5 percent,” Quin said.

The government needs to “either invest fully in our military or recognise that proper prioritisation of warfighting will mean less availability for other tasks”.

In other words—more money for imperialist wars, less money for the NHS, schools and workers’ wages. Quin wants to line the pockets of arms firms that profit from murder, with the report saying Britain “will never achieve a warfighting readiness without a thriving industrial base”.

Services He wants working class people to pay with their lives too. The report calls for Britain to have a significant military recruitment drive. Just last month Patrick Sanders—head of the British army—called for a training of a volunteer “citizen army” to fight a land war as reservist numbers “would not be enough”.

The report comes after Tory defence secretary Grant Shapps said, “We find ourselves at the dawn of a new era, moving from a post-war to a pre-war world.”

The ruling class is stepping up its warmongering rhetoric. We have to keep mobilising against their drive to war.

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