By Isabel Ringrose
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Child rapist Andrew crawls out of his hole after prince Philip death

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Issue 2750
Abuser prince Andrew
Abuser prince Andrew (Pic: Thorne1983 on Wikimedia Commons)

The death of prince Philip has seen the return of another disgraced royal—paedophile prince Andrew. He was wheeled out to give quotes to news cameras on Sunday.

The Duke of York was removed from the royal spotlight in 2019 after further evidence resurfaced linking him to sex abuser Jeffrey Epstein and his trafficking circle.

Andrew said he didn’t regret his relationship with the billionaire paedophile, who he met with at least ten times during their 12-year friendship.

This included the period after Epstein was convicted.

Epstein had up to 13 phone numbers for the queen’s second son—despite Andrew’s claims he cut contact.

Andrew’s underage victim Virginia Roberts Giuffre claims to have had sex with him “three times, including one orgy”.

She said, “It was horrible and this guy was sweating all over me. I was just like grossed out from it, but I knew I had to keep him happy.”

Queen mourns as another racist bites the dust
Queen mourns as another racist bites the dust
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Andrew’s “alibi” for a night he allegedly had sex with Roberts was taking his daughter to Pizza Express in Woking.

But the prince was seen returning to Buckingham Palace in the early hours of the morning. And he secretly met Ghislaine Maxwell, who is facing charges of allegedly helping Epstein recruit and sexually exploit young girls.

This was two weeks after their friend Epstein was placed under investigation by US cops.

Philip’s death is providing useful cover to sweep Andrew’s crimes under the rug.

Bringing him out to tell sad tales of the queen’s “terrible loss” is a calculated move to show him in a better light.

Andrew has been defended by those at the top, including the former Archbishop of Canterbury, who claimed “everyone is human”.

He is the epitome of ruling class corruption. He should be shoved back into the hole he is trying to crawl out of.

Hypocrisy right to the end

Mourners gathered outside Buckingham Palace to pay tribute to Philip over the weekend, laying flowers in silence.

In March a vigil for murdered woman Sarah Everard, allegedly by a Metropolitan Police officer, also saw scenes of people gathering to pay their respects.

But the attitudes of the police, media, and state could not have been more different.

Coverage of people crying was used to bolster the false narrative that Philip was a beloved hero that everyone will miss. The vigil in Clapham Common was wrecked after police attacked women who had gathered in solidarity after Sarah’s death.

Anger as police action at Clapham Common is deemed to have been ‘justified’
Anger as police action at Clapham Common is deemed to have been ‘justified’
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Women were hit, pushed, arrested and pinned down because the protest supposedly broke Covid-19 restrictions.

Meanwhile, outside Buckingham Palace the small number of Met cops stood back to let the vigil run.

The state attacks protesters following the death of a woman who was kidnapped and killed while walking home. But it allows proceedings for a vigil to a rich racist.

Philip’s funeral—organised under the government’s Operation Forth Bridge—will take place in Windsor next Saturday.

Coronavirus restrictions mean attendance will be limited—but thousands are expected to line the streets despite advice to stay at home.

The reaction of the police to those who come out nonetheless will be another show of who the police act for and protect.

Those on the Kill The Bill protests at the same time should not expect such sympathetic treatment.

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