By Simon Basketter
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DUP—Don’t Undertake Pact with these bigots

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Issue 2677
Demonstrators demand abortion rights in Northern Ireland
Demonstrators demand abortion rights in Northern Ireland (Pic: Fiona Bloomer/Twitter

The bigots of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) tried to recall the Stormont Assembly in Northern Ireland for the first time in two and half years on Monday.

They wanted to complain about abortion rights and LGBT+ people.

The abortion law changed in Northern Ireland at midnight on Monday.

MPs at Westminster successfully amended a bill in the summer to include measures to end the near blanket prohibition on abortion and introduce same sex marriage.

The sitting was merely symbolic, as the Assembly cannot perform any functions without an executive in place. That isn’t happening soon, and the other parties aren’t turning up.

The last time the Assembly sat was March 2017 after a snap election caused by the implosion of the devolved institutions over an energy corruption scandal.


They took the register then went home.

The energy scam cost hundreds of millions of pounds. Businesses could earn more money by burning more fuel.

But the DUP isn’t just corrupt—it is nasty. It has propped up the Tory government since June 2017. But it’s been abandoned by Boris Johnson.

The DUP had built up a close relationship with the most Eurosceptic bits of the Tory party.

It invited Johnson to the annual DUP conference last year, believing he would bolster grassroots confidence after Theresa May’s torrid attempts to get her deals through.

Johnson stood alongside DUP leaders at the Conservative conference just weeks ago, cheered to the rafters by hundreds of delegates at the DUP’s fringe event.

But he has ignored the party to try and get a deal through parliament.

Northern Unionists crying betrayal from Westminster is as traditional as the routes of their anti-Catholic marches.

And so it was in parliament last Saturday when Jim Shannon, a DUP MP, shouted at Johnson, “Sellout! Treachery! Betrayal!”

A real betrayal would be Labour doing a deal with these bigots.

Who is vile Sammy Wilson?

The DUP’s Brexit spokesman Sammy Wilson is on the news a lot. He’s the man who the Labour Party has considered doing deals with.

In a debate on Brexit when a member of the public said they wanted to “get the ethnics out,” Wilson replied, “You are absolutely right.”

After a racist attack against Romanians in Belfast, Wilson responded by saying, “Charges of racism were always coincided with the holding out of the hand for more money”.

He is against comprehensive education and against LGBT+ education. When he was mayor of Belfast he said, “I don’t care if gays are ratepayers. As far as I am concerned they are perverts.”

He also pronounced about Catholics that, “Taigs don’t pay rates.” And when talking about Catholic voters in Belfast he said, “They are sub-human animals.”

Wilson believes climate change is a “myth based on dodgy science” and an “insidious propaganda campaign” as well as “an hysterical pseudo-religion”.

When Loyalist paramilitaries proposed ethnic cleansing and repartition to get Catholics out of Northern Ireland by force, Wilson called the plan a “very valuable return to reality”.

He said it “shows that some Loyalist paramilitaries are looking ahead and contemplating what needs to be done to maintain our separate Ulster identity”.

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