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If we fight we can win – Victimised union rep Candy Udwin slams Trade Union Bill

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Issue 2474

Sacked PCS union rep Candy Udwin won her reinstatement after an all-out strike at the National Gallery.

Candy said, “Our campaign showed that strikes work, that 

solidarity works. If we all did that together, then we would have the power to stop the Tories.”

Around 100,000 people marched in Manchester last Sunday outside the Tory Party conference. 

The TUC called the demonstration against austerity, and against a vicious new clampdown on trade union rights.

Candy warned, “They are coming for us. 

“The Tories are bringing in the Trade Union Bill and managers are victimising us—because they’re scared of us. 

“They want to stop us fighting back. 

“Much of what we did would be harder under the Trade Union Bill. 

“Social media helped us reach people and raise funds. It would be monitored under the new laws.”

But the gallery workers have shown how such attacks can be beaten. Candy said, “We have to take the new mood to fight back and aim to stop it being passed.

“The trade union movement has to stick to its guns and oppose all the legislation.

“And if this law does go through, then we have to be prepared to make it unworkable. 

 “Perhaps the Tories have gone too far. If they make it illegal to fight back then they will find that the law gets broken.

“We now need to develop confidence—so people know if they fight, they’ll have support and if they fight, they can win. 

“That’s the lesson of our dispute.”

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