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Ordinary people rushed to help each other as Murdoch’s attack dogs went after Corbyn

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Issue 2555
Cops and emergency services in Manchester on Monday night
Cops and emergency services in Manchester on Monday night (Pic: PA)

In the aftermath of the Manchester attack ordinary people rushed to help each other and collectively organise getting people to safety.

Hotel workers opened up rooms to unaccompanied children stranded by the police lock down following the attack.

People used the #roomformanchester hashtag to offer places to stay to people who had been at the concert.

“We have a spare double bed and two sofas available if anybody needs a place tonight. Salford area, 5 min taxi from arena,” said @iamjesyrae on Twitter. “I live 5 mins from the Manchester Arena. I have sofa bed, food/drink and phone chargers if anyone needs any help,” tweeted @QHNick.

Numbers of people giving blood also rose sharply after the attack. Queues stretched out of the door at Manchester blood donor centres.

So many people gave blood that donations are no longer needed.

Taxi drivers offered people free rides away from the arena. AJ Singh told Channel 4 news, “I dropped people off at hospitals.

Alex Davidson from Manchester Trades Council said, “We stand in solidarity with every community in the city.

“We pay tribute to the skilled and professional response of all emergency service workers.”

Ordinary people rally together at times of crisis.

Their actions are a million miles away from the hate of the racists and the Sun newspaper and fake calls for national unity with the rich.

Murdoch’s attack dogs go after Corbyn

The bombing in Manchester pushed the Sun newspaper to abandon a nasty front page attack on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The rag had ran the headline: BLOOD ON HIS HANDS, featuring an ex-IRA member attacking Corbyn.

Later it still managed to flash this on the front with the headline, “IRA brute raps Corb”.

It said, “An ex-IRA killer says Jeremy Corbyn has blood on his hands–because without his support the terrorist murders would have ended much earlier.”

As it happens the former IRA man was an intelligence agent who worked in the IRA for the spooks.

And an editorial went further. “Innocent people were murdered specifically because Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell sucked up to the IRA,” it read.

“The pair at the top of today’s Labour Party cheered on the executioners, torturers and child-killers from the safety of Westminster.

“Today they call antisemitic, homophobic terror groups and regimes ‘friends’.

“Today they idolise Marxist revolutionaries who bring death and ruin. Why? Because they hate the West, hate Britain.”

This bile is an indication of how far the Tories and their backers will go to try and stop Corbyn winning the general election.

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