By Simon Basketter
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Tories’ solution to Syrian refugee crisis—murder by remote control

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Issue 2470
Reaper drones are being used for assassination in Syria by the British government
Reaper drones are being used for assassination in Syria by the British government (Pic: Wikipedia)

The Tories’ solution to the Syrian crisis is assassination. 

On Monday of this week David Cameron announced the killing in August of Reyaad Khan from Cardiff and Ruhul Amin from Aberdeen. 

They were killed by a remote control drone operated from a Lincolnshire airbase.

Cameron claimed six terrorist attempts to attack Britain had been foiled in the past year. 

He accused Khan and Junaid Hussain from Birmingham of plotting to attack public commemorations over the summer and to kill the queen. 

Hussain was killed in Syria three days after Khan, in a US drone strike.

“There was a terrorist directing murder on our streets,” Cameron said. “We took this action because there was no alternative.” 

It had to be a British bomb to “protect the national interest”. 

The evidence to justify this is of course a secret. 


The government said the details of the Attorney General’s legal justification won’t be published. It was the same excuse used by Tony Blair’s government over the legal justification for the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

The intelligence services that wrote the dodgy dossier on weapons of mass destruction in Iraq were in charge of the operation. And the same intelligence services said that Reyaad Khan had been killed in July.

Cameron made much of uncovered plots. The plots were in fact revealed in the Sun newspaper by one of its far from reliable undercover operations. 

The Tory defence secretary Michael Fallon said that Cameron had approved a list of suspects who could now be killed in Syria. In truth the British government has said it has the right to kill its own citizens abroad at will. There need be no trial and no proven guilt.

The Tories lost a vote on launching military action in Syria in 2013. 

In October last year Cameron pledged that there would be no military operations conducted in Syria. That same month Fallon said that RAF drones “are not authorised to use weapons in Syria; that would require further permission”.

Yet in July this year Cameron’s spokesman admitted he knew that British pilots had flown in Syrian airspace. Fallon has said a “handful” of RAF pilots were embedded with US forces.

Of course British governments have lied and have assassinated people before. The Tories are cynically, slowly pushing for more military intervention in Syria. And if that means murder by remote control, so be it.

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