By Tomáš Tengely-Evans
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Trump’s deadly posturing could cause the mother of all wars

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Issue 2549
The mother of all bombs was developed as a psychological weapon
The ‘mother of all bombs’ was developed as a psychological weapon (Pic: US Department of Defence )

War monger Donald Trump ratcheted up tension across the world with a ruthless demonstration of US power this week. 

The US Airforce dropped the largest ordinary bomb used in a war, the GBU/43-B, in Nangahar in Afghanistan on Thursday. 

Known as the “Mother of all bombs”, its murderous potential is only outmatched by the nuclear bombs the US dropped on Japan in 1945. Just like the bombs that wiped out Hiroshima and Nagasaki, this was the US trying to assert its global dominance over its rivals and demonstrate its brutal military superiority. 

The GBU/43-B has a mile-wide blast radius and left a mushroom cloud that could be seen for 20 miles around.

The bomb’s scale is part of US trying to project its power. The US originally developed it as a psychological weapon—and a more advanced version of bombs used to terrorise Vietnam during the 1960s and ‘70s. 

This shows up the hypocrisy of Trump and world leaders who wept crocodile tears after the Syrian regime’s latest atrocity. They use atrocities to launch imperialist wars—and then lock people out from fleeing them.

The nuclear bomb took capitalist logic to its obscene conclusion
The nuclear bomb took capitalist logic to its obscene conclusion
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The US military and Afghan government claims it was targeting an Isis tunnel complex and only killed 36 “Isis militants”. 

But this is the standard line after bombings and further facts may show civilian deaths.

The US has been occupying Afghanistan for 16 years—and now wants to send “a few thousand more” troops. The attack also comes after Trump bombed Syria and then sent a naval attack group to the Korean peninsula. 

The Iraqi military began its final assault on Mosul yesterday, Friday. This is also part of the US and other regional powers trying to assert their interests in Iraq and Syria—and could see them come to blows with one another.

After its defeat in Iraq, the US has been facing increasing competition from rising powers. Trump wants a return to “go it alone” policies—and hopes brute military force can overcome the US’s relative decline. 

This makes a deadly confrontation more possible. 

It shows up the reality of imperialism—that would risk millions of lives for the sake of our rulers’ interests. 




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